What you need to know about Connecticut's CHFA Downpayment Assistance Program (DAP) for first-time homebuyers


Saving enough money to pay a home's down payment is the main barrier to homeownership for many first-time homebuyers. If you have the monthly income to pay mortgage payments, but not enough money to pay the upfront costs, you may qualify for a low-interest loan to help you cover the down payment and closing costs. Borrowers can finance the down payment and closing costs with a DAP loan. A DAP loan is a second mortgage on your home.
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Should you sign a contract with a buyers agent before looking at real estate?


It is recommended to sign a contract with a buyer's agent before looking at real estate for a few reasons.
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HUD Secretary Encourages Aspiring Homebuyers to Lets Talk About the House


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Marcia L. Fudge hosted the virtual event "House Party - Let''s Talk About the House" on Tuesday, November 1 to educate Millennials and Generation Z young adults about the government resources available to buy a home. HUD conducted outreach to underrepresented groups, like Black and Latino home buyers, and more than 6,000 people signed up to receive information about pathways to homeownership.
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See a house you might like to buy? Don't call the listing agent!


One mistake a home buyer can make - and it''s very common - is to allow the listing agent (the realtor who is SELLING the house) to act as your agent as well. This happens when you call the listing agent to see a home that is for sale. To use a Seinfeldism, this is like "double dipping", as the listing agent''s true loyalty is to the seller, not to you.
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9 secrets to making a difficult home sell


Let's face it... some homes just don't have "buy me" written all over them. Perhaps they've fallen into disrepair or changes in the neighborhood put them in a less-than-desirable location. Whatever the problem, you can help sell a "difficult" home at a reasonable price by following these pointers.
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Should you accept an inspection contingency?


Inspection contingencies have become a standard part of purchase offers nationwide, at least until recently. In some very active real estate markets, however, a reverse trend is taking place. Home buyers are foregoing professional inspection contingencies to make their purchase offers more enticing to sellers. That sounds good to sellers. Why jeopardize their home sale with an inspection that can be avoided?
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Is your title cleared for takeoff?


When a property is sold, the owner must supply the buyer with a good and marketable title to the property-one free of any liens or judgments. Homes with liens or judgments are considered to have "clouds" on the title.
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What is the right price for your home?


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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today announced $10.3 billion in Fiscal Year 2022 formula grants to communities across the United States for housing and community development activities ranging from affordable housing development to public housing modernization to economic opportunities for people with low and moderate incomes.
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How to sell a home in any market


In any real estate market, whether it's hot, slow or mediocre, the #1 factor that sells a home is price. Beyond that, three key variables will help entice buyers to walk into your home and offer a contract.
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How much will it cost to sell your home?


The first question some home sellers ask an agent is how much it will cost them to sell their home. What they're really interested in, of course, is finding out how much money they'll have after selling costs are paid. If you're ready to sell, here are some costs you should plan for.
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Why now is the right time to buy a home


If you were to ask any realtor "is right now a good time to buy a home" it''s safe to say that their answer would be a resounding "YES!". While you might dismiss this prognostication as self-serving, with very few exceptions over the past 50+ years they''d be right more often than wrong. But 2021 feels different; we''re all exhausted from work stoppages and quarantines, upended by a musical-chairs-like migration from cities to suburbs, and many of us now live in "zoom towns", areas that became more popular to live in as more people worked from home.
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