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Matt DeLucia

I've been a home builder and remodeler, published magazine writer, website design agency owner, musician, and a proud father of a Miss Porters and Wellesley grad.

As your listing agent I can draw on my collective areas of expertise and effectively use today’s technology to help promote your home in a competitive digital-based market, and ensure that your listing is getting views from qualified buyers in your price range. I’ll make common-sense recommendations, tailored to your situation, to prepare your home for sale and assist you with preparations. If you’re a buyer, my hands-on building experience allows me to help you discover flaws in homes, or to find hidden value that others routinely miss.

I’m a lifelong Connecticut resident who moved to Farmington in 1990; not only can I help you with your real estate needs throughout all of Farmington Valley, I also have intimate knowledge of many other areas of Connecticut, including Litchfield County, Middlesex County, and Fairfield County.

Please call me right away to get started at 860-494-3046 or email me at

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